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TikTok has so many videos on it. Most are funny and entertaining, with a few life hacks thrown in. But sometimes, there is also some really wholesome content that you might come across on the social media platform.

One TikTok user in a store had a rather big surprise for one couple that he approached in a store.

Photo: TikTok/@mdmotivator

The TikTok user went up to an elderly couple, who are both in the 90s, and asked them if they’d want to play his game.

Basically, he asked them if they’d be willing to trade $1 in exchange for his “mystery box.” The couple seemed a little surprised at first that he asked them, but then they agreed to play the game.

Photo: TikTok/@mdmotivator

The elderly man hands over a dollar and the TikTok user gives him the box.

The couple adorably jokes that they hope it’s either prunes or cashews. When the elderly gentleman goes to open the box, he comments that it feels empty, but when he opens it, he’s surprised to find an envelope inside.

Photo: TikTok/@mdmotivator

When looking inside the envelope, the couple is further surprised to find it contains $1,000 dollars!

Watch the entire TikTok video down below:


“You can have all the cashews you want” 🥺❤️ (Donation L1NK L1VE) #mysterybox #money #bulkbarn #prunes #cashews

♬ original sound – Zachery Dereniowski

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