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When we head to the grocery store to purchase a gallon of milk, many of us just grab the gallon and go, without thinking twice about where it came from. Meanwhile, there are some of us who will not purchase an item like milk without taking the time to learn about where the cows it came from are located and what their living conditions are like.

Regardless of which group you fall into, many people are starting to be more mindful of the items they purchase and try not to support unethical practices, especially when the wellbeing of animals is concerned. Thankfully, you can easily find out where your milk is coming from, even if you purchase it from a store.

Photo: Unsplash

If you take a look at the gallons that you purchase, they each come with a plant code that is stamped on the right corner. If it is not on the right corner, it will be printed right on the label. The plant code on each gallon of milk always starts with a two digit number and it sometimes includes a hyphen.

Once you find this code, you can head to the website called Where Is My Milk From? and enter your code to find out which dairy farm that specific gallon of milk was sourced from. In addition to milk, you can also check the source of milk-based products like sour cream.

Many may choose to start purchasing different milk (or milk-based products) after discovering how far their milk is traveling to reach the store or learning more about the often poor conditions the cows are living in. Or, some may decide to skip milk altogether and go with an alternative like soy, almond, oat, or coconut milk. And, there are those who will continue to purchase the same brands regardless of where they’re from. Despite what category you fall into, knowledge is power and this awesome tip loads you with just that: more knowledge.

We have done the research and that’s why we are passing this little known life hack along. As soon as you have learned more about where your dairy products are coming from, be sure to pass this tip along to your friends.

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