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This is a new complaint and we have never heard anyone say something like this before. The young boy that you are about to meet has gone viral for expressing this sentiment, sending everyone into hysterics in the process.

When his mother decided that she was going to marry her longtime partner, 12-year-old Jake Milton made a decision of his own.

Photo: TikTok/@its.aleeesa

It was time to cut his new stepdad down to size a bit. Alysa and Tony’s big day went off without a hitch but it is this speech that tore down the house. Can you believe that Jake was actually the best man?

This is not the sort of speech that you would typically associate with a best man but we are here for it nonetheless.

Photo: TikTok/@its.aleeesa

The wedding was an outdoor event that took place in Essex, England. Jake wasted no time roasting his new stepdad, either. The speech starts off with a bang and it only gets funnier from there.

“Tony, I can’t imagine how my life would have turned out had mom met someone else all those years ago — maybe Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos,” Jake says, as he starts to turn up the heat on his poor stepfather.

Photo: TikTok/@its.aleeesa

“Just someone rich, basically. For god’s sake, Tony, why do you have to be a police officer?” We feel for Jake there.

Imagine having to tell all of the other kids at school that your new stepfather is a cop! All jokes aside, we cannot stop laughing.


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It is clear that this is a speech that is meant to serve as a gentle form of teasing and we are here for it.