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Now that the Red era has officially arrived once more and we can hear what Taylor’s version sounds like, it is time to start spreading the word.

While all of the true Swift fans are already well aware, there are some who still may need a nudge. Meanwhile, there are others who need to know what’s up. Fortunately, Starbucks is here to make sure that we all remain on the same page.

Photo: flickr/Sebastian Vital

If there is one thing that the Swifties can do very well, they can follow a trail of Easter eggs. That’s where this collaboration with Starbucks comes into play.

Back on November 8, the coffee giant tweeted the three words that we all wanted to hear most: It’s Red Season! This is what let the true fans that there would be a new drink that has been dedicated to the singer.

Of course, Starbucks did not let anyone down here. Anyone who would like to get into the proper mindset to listen to the album has multiple choices to select from. According to Food&Wine, the next time you head to your local Starbucks, you are now able to order a “Taylor’s Latte” or a “Taylor’s Version” drink from the coffee chain.

In case you’re wondering, Taylor’s go-to order is a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte, which is exactly what you’ll get if you order Taylor’s Latte.

Photo: flickr/allenran 917

Starbucks locations are not done there, either. They are going to give her fans the chance to enjoy the album even more, as they will be playing Taylor’s version of the album, plus a wide selection of additional hits. When you stop in for your morning coffee, you will be serenaded by the singer. Too bad they haven’t figured out a way to have her perform a live show yet!

We can’t lie, we needed a little pick me up after we listened to the album. It’s emotionally draining in the best possible way. Luckily, we can head to Starbucks as soon as we are ready to dive back into the daily grind.

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