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While the ongoing pandemic has forced many of us into different routines, we have been finding comfort wherever we can. For example, Stanley Tucci has been a helpful port to us throughout this whole storm.

His food-related content has been heartwarming to watch and we love learning more about all of his amazing recipes. Now, he is even opening the family cookbook.

Photo: flickr/Daniel Krieger

He’s an actor, director, and author but now he is adding a fourth skill to the equation. Mr. Tucci is a chef extraordinaire but he is quick to give credit to those who inspired him. Of course, Stanley is not the type of guy who is ever going to take himself too seriously either. He is sharing one of his father’s recipes in the funniest way possible and we love him for that.

The recipe is known as “Spaghetti Aglio e Olio” and Tucci offers up a marvelous description. “Here’s a recipe that my dad used to cook on a Friday night um after my mother had cooked all week. It was his turn and he usually made something really simple but delicious,” he shared in the video.

Photo: Instagram/stanleytucci

That’s dads for you, after all. They may not cook all the time but they make it count when they get their chance.

Our father was the same way. He’d prepare two or three dishes exclusively but they were always excellent. This is definitely taking us back to childhood. Tucci has been sharing all of his knowledge about cocktails and food throughout the pandemic and now all that is left is to give the man his very own cooking show.

Those who have larger families are going to be sure to appreciate this video, as Tucci is clearly preparing a sizable amount of pasta. “So this is pasta with garlic and oil. Really really simple. So I’m going to put a little more than a pound in because really a pound is for four people for normal people, not my family,” he shares with a chuckle.

Tucci was not done there, either. “This is the traditional way the Tuccis make ragù, as featured in my memoir, TASTE. The aroma is what I awakened to practically every Sunday morning of my childhood. Make it. Smell it. Eat it,” he shares. We are loving these recipes and we are sure that you will, too!

Watch the video below:

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