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Woman Hand-Paints Her Staircase To Look Like Her Favorite Books

What started out as an attempt to save money turned into a gorgeous piece of art.

Being stuck inside all year has caused many of us to fall in love with reading all over again. After all, there is only so much television to watch. There are also those who have always loved to read, and they’re sure to love what this woman did to her staircase.

Pippa Branham decided to showcase her love for literature in the only way that she knew how: by decorating her staircase.

Her husband, Jon, shared the story with Reddit and we are already head over heels. According to him, she was first given the idea by a Pinterest post.

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“It took her quite a while,” Jon shared. Apparently, she opted to handle all of the painting on her own, as opposed to splurging for more expensive carpeting. Jon also shared a laugh with readers, as he let them know that he was not trusted to lay the carpet himself.

In case you are wondering, she used masking tape liberally to help with the painting and gloss for the treads. She added in sand for better grip, too.

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Photo: imgur

Jon was sure to give credit where it was due, though. He told the world how nice the final product was. “I think this looks 100x better than any carpet,” he says. We are inclined to agree with him here. The carpet may have been easier to handle but the project would not look nearly as good.

Kudos to Pippa for seeing the vision through!