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Having indoor plants galore has been increasing as a home decor trend in recent years. While a house full of plants is quite aesthetically pleasing, keeping them healthy and happy is a whole other issue.

While some plant parents make it look so easy, if you’re like me, you struggle with keeping your plants in good condition. That is why I tend to gravitate more towards faux plants.

Photo: Unsplash

Of course, finding fake plants that don’t look obviously fake or ugly is much easier said than done. But for those looking for something very unique to add to their home decor, are the gorgeous hand-crafted stained glass plants created by Neil Maciejewski.

Photo: Etsy/NeilNeilOrangePeels

The artist creates these inside his Cape Cod studio and then sells them on sites such as Uncommon Goods and Etsy.

Photo: Etsy/NeilNeilOrangePeels

His unique spin on the agave plant will certainly bring a fresh look to your home or garden. The best part about these plants is that you don’t ever have to worry about watering them. Them looking pretty after catching the light is just a bonus.

Neil creates several styles such as Spiky Agave, Zen Agave, and Royal Agave, and these also come with three different size options as well.

Photo: Etsy/NeilNeilOrangePeels

Not only are there plenty of different options for style and sizing, but each stain-glass piece is planted in a solder, clay pot, stones, and biodegradable foam so that it stays standing. They vary in prices from $70 to $110.

On Uncommon Goods, someone wrote a product description, saying, “He even gives you everything you need to ‘plant’ it: a pot, floral foam, and smooth pebbles to top it all off. Choose from three sizes, then place your new botanical buddy in a sunny spot and gaze upon the brilliant shades of lime, emerald, and teal. Have you ever seen a more sublime succulent?”

Photo: Etsy/NeilNeilOrangePeels

Besides Uncommon Goods, you can also get the product on Etsy, where you can select different varieties. Of course, if you already have a pot that you want to display them in, or if you don’t want them displayed in a pot you can always choose to not have them come with a pot.

What do you think of these plants? Would you ever get one of these? Let us know!