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If you are someone who truly loves sriracha, this is your cue to start building up your stockpile as quickly as possible.

A shortage is coming and you are going to want to remain prepared. Huy Fong Foods already startled those who love hot sauce last year with this bad news. Sadly, it looks like we are about to go through the same problem all over again.

Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart License: CC BY 2.0

In case you are wondering, it is the same reason all over again, too. A failed red jalapeño crop in Mexico from last year is going to cause another storage. This is the key ingredient for sriracha and that’s why supplies are slated to be affected. Unfortunately, your grocery store shelves are likely to take a hit very soon, and trust us, we are just as sad as you are.

“Although some production did resume this past fall season, we continue to have a limited supply that continues to affect our production,” said Huy Fong in a recent statement reported by USA Today. “At this time, we have no estimations of when supply will increase.”

Photo: Flickr/Steven Depolo

All we can do now is be patient and hope for the best. In order to produce the sauces that we know and love, the good folks at Huy Fong need access to at least 50,000 tons of chilies each year, according to the Los Angeles Times. The ongoing drought conditions have continued to linger, though.

“Sriracha is actually made from a very special type of pepper that only grows in the southern U.S. and northern Mexico,” says climate and ecosystem researcher Guillermo Murray-Tortarolo. “These red jalapeños are only grown during the first four months of the year, and they need very controlled conditions, particularly constant irrigation,” he shared with NPR.

Some people are taking to social media to express their sadness over the shortage. Twitter user Isabel (@wisepissmage) is already feeling the effects of the shortage, as she tweeted a photo of her Srirachi-free meal.

She said, “Another sushi bowl thing with shiitakes and tofu for dinner. The national sriracha shortage really hit home tonight.”

Hopefully it’ll be back in no time!