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There are certain trends that elude us and certain trends that make us very happy. The craziest part about this one is that we are still struggling to find out exactly where we stand.

If you are anything like us, you have probably killed a few plants along the way, despite your best efforts. Even if we enter into this process with as open of a mind as possible, bad things can still happen. In most instances, we would like to believe that water and sunlight are all that a plant needs, but they really require a green thumb.

Photo: flickr/Vicky G

In certain instances, their needs can be more complex and that’s why we are coming to you with this helpful tip. It is so simple that we cannot believe that we did not think of it ourselves.

So what can we do when we are unable to keep plants alive? People have come up with an idea for the ages: They are spray painting them!

Photo: flickr/Thomas Hawk

There is something to be said for this tactic because it offers up a great deal of liberty for all plant owners who are looking for all sorts of different color schemes.

You are no longer forced to keep the same color plants forever. If the plants die, you can now paint them any color that you want, and no one would even have to know that you painted over them.

Check out some of these painted plants from Instagram:

Photo: Instagram/abgprojects
Photo: Instagram/zenofplants
Photo: Instagram/nudall
Photo: Instagram/savillestudios
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