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You wouldn’t necessarily associate SpongeBob with college, right? We are just making sure that we are not alone in that assessment.

If you have ever applied to college before, you know that the essay writing part is arguably the most annoying. It can be so hard to come up with the right words to say. That’s what makes this story such a hilarious one.

Photo: Flickr/bobo615 License: CC BY 2.0

This college graduate decided to utilize the best possible source material for their essay and it worked like a charm.

Kalissa Persaud (she goes by @kalissapersaud on TikTok) shared her story and we cannot stop laughing to save our lives. When she shared the essay that got her accepted to USC and UCLA, we lost it. “OK, this is the SpongeBob essay that got me into USC and UCLA,” she begins in her video and she is not kidding.

Photo: TikTok/@kalissapersaud

She starts by sharing some facts about herself with the audience. For starters, she has spent a great deal of time watching the show. “If I had to estimate, I’d say I’ve watched every episode of SpongeBob SquarePants at least eight times. I’ve watched The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie more than a hundred times.” It all makes sense to us now.

“I speak candidly when I say SpongeBob is my hero,” she read. She wasn’t done there either. “Hearing chuckles and seeing contorted faces when I declare this is inevitable, but nonetheless, I say it with the utmost confidence and candor every time. And why shouldn’t I? I’ve devoted 13 years of my life to this sponge.” At least she is honest!

Photo: TikTok/@kalissapersaud

When she was four years old, she says that she used to “beg my grandma to let me watch SpongeBob instead of her melodramatic Bollywood movies.” Good thing Grandma was so willing to comply, right?

She knows that the show is absurd but it was a comfort thing for her. “Being myself has never been an issue for me, but believing in myself was, especially in my first year of high school,” she went on to say. “I was stuck in a rut. I felt mediocre all the time. Whenever I thought of any scenario, my mind made a list of every little thing that could go wrong even if it was completely irrational,” she continued.

She hear her entire essay, be sure to check out the video below:


Replying to @waitingfordhoom4 one of my favorite pieces i’ve ever written☝️ it’s important to be yourself in your applications! enjoy enjoy enjoy! #😎 #fyp #fyp #usc #ucla #spongebob #collegeessay #collegeessaytips #college

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She concluded the paper with words from Mr. Squarepants himself: “I’m ready.”