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Bottled water has certainly made the news in recent years. Not only is it a good idea to drink water regularly, there are times when it may be a bad idea for the environment. Of course, good or bad, it is a convenience that most of us take advantage of on a regular basis.

More than likely, you are familiar with bottled water in different varieties, including purified water and natural spring water. Natural spring water is descriptive because it comes from springs in the United States. Purified water is tap water that has been purified.

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W a t e r is l i f e 💧 It is of vital importance to drink plenty of fluid throughout the day to keep you hydrated and for many bodily processes such the transport of nutrients around the body, excretion of waste products, and helping your mind to focus and concentrate. As we continue to invest in sustainability, health, and wellness, it has become more crucial than ever to consider the origins of our water. So, tap water vs bottled water; what should we drink? You will be comforted to hear that UK water standards are amongst the highest in the world. Tight regulations ensure minimal contamination with bacteria, minerals and chemicals. All public water supplies in the UK are tested regularly, and the results are available to anyone on request. However, having said all the above, anyone who says tap water tastes the same as bottled water clearly doesn’t drink enough water!! Am I wrong!?? @evianwater is definitely my favourite water 💦 . . . #water #evian #evianwater #waterislife #bottledwater #tapwater #healthiswealth #healthyvegan #vegan #plantbased #veggie #alkaline #blackvegan #vegansofig #healthylifestyle #health #healthyfood #drinks #cleanliving #fitnessjourney #cleaneating #detox #detoxwater #vegancommunity #photooftheday #foodphotography #foodie #blackvegansofig #health #wellness

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According to Business Insider, popular bottled water comes from different locations. You can look at the list below to see where your favorite water is coming from.

Dasani: Purified water, local water supply

Nestle Pure Life: Purified water, well or municipal water

Aquafina: Purified water, public water sources, 40 bottling facilities in the U.S.

Poland Spring: Natural spring water, springs in Maine

Smartwater: Purified water, municipal water systems

Deer Park: Natural spring water, springs across the U.S.

Ozarka: Natural spring water, springs in Texas

Crystal Geyser: Natural spring water, springs across the U.S.

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Today we took some much needed time out to explore this hidden gem tucked away in the forest just outside of Daylesford. This is Sailors falls and it was pretty damn majestic ✌🏼

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Of course, there is always the possibility that you don’t really care where your water is coming from but in that case, you may just want to rely on your local water system. It will cost you a lot more to drink bottled water compared to simply getting water from your own sink.

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