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The college days were a lot of fun but there are certain things that we do not miss. For example, the amount of nonsense that we had to go through to defrost our leftovers was a lot to endure. We used to try and stretch our money by making a massive batch of soup when the weather started to take a turn for the chilly. After all, no one wants to be going outside constantly in those conditions.

There was just one problem: It was incredibly difficult to reheat the soup because we would have to reheat the entire batch each time. Those who have been wondering if there is a better way are in luck! Souper Cubes Freezer Trays are here and they are a game-changer for anyone who needs them.

Photo: Williams-Sonoma

These freezer containers are unique in that they allow you to freeze single-serving portions of soup or other foods. When you’re ready to reheat your meal, you can pull out an individual serving or as many as you want and need!

Photo: Williams-Sonoma

It operates under the same principle as an ice cube tray. There is also a wide range of sizes to choose from, giving you the chance to select the one that is best for you. Whether you are looking for two tablespoons, half a cup, one cup, or two cups, they have got your back.

Photo: Williams-Sonoma

The trays were featured on Shark Tank and are now sold at Williams-Sonoma. You can either grab your selected serving size or you can snag the Ultimate Set, which comes with all of them. They can be used in a number of different ways. Your options are not limited to soup or stew, but the trays are wonderful for homemade sauces and baby food, as well.

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