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Being a parent means supporting your kids through all their different adventures and activities growing up.

When I was a kid, I tried out so many things, from art classes to different types of sports, etc., and all the while, my mom was always my biggest supporter and source of encouragement to try new things – whatever that might be.

Photo: tikTok/@daddyfiles

Even when I failed at something or wasn’t the best at something, she always was proud of me. That’s the kind of loving support that kids need in their lives.

One very heartwarming video shows just that. Aaron is a father who uploaded a very sweet video of his son. It turns out, that his son made him a little surprise in his sewing class.

Photo: tikTok/@daddyfiles

As Aaron shared, his son is enrolled in sewing sessions at the Franklin Mill Store in Franklin, Mass. It’s something that his dad happily supports, especially after his son made him a very special gift: a shirt!

The proud papa was more than happy to accept the gift and compliment his son’s budding talents for sewing. It’s clear that this boy is loved and supported at home, which is so touching to see. And even the viewers of the TikTok video have had overwhelmingly good things to say about it.

Photo: tikTok/@daddyfiles

One viewer wrote, “The way he was standing there smiling. I cannot. He is so precious.”

“I AM SO PROUD OF THIS KID AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM,” another comment read.

Check out the heartwarming and adorable TikTok video below:


Sam made me a shirt! Wow. #sewing #sewingtiktok #samsewgood #boyswhosew #parenting #raisingboys

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What do you think of this boy’s shirt that he made for his dad? Has your child ever sewed an article of clothing for you? Let us know!