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Wedding days tend to be very emotional for all parties involved. There is a lot that needs to be said when the big day arrives but the bride in this story never could have expected what she would end up hearing from her own son.

This moment was so sweet, even the wedding photographer who was on hand was moved to tears and it is easy to see why.

Photo: TikTok/@alexismarie43

If you are able to see this one without having to reach for a tissue, you are much stronger than we ever will be.

Alexis Marie Helzer (who can be found at @alexismarie43 on TikTok) is the one who has decided to share this tearjerker with us today. When the video begins, we join her at the altar. She is standing next to her husband and their two small children.

Photo: TikTok/@alexismarie43

Her little boy is looking at her with the most adoring gaze. When he points to his mother and whispers something very special to her, the camera is able to pick it up. We are glad that it did because it is one of the sweetest things that we have seen in some time. “Mommy, you look beautiful,” he says with a smile. Of course, the couple gets emotional.

How could you possibly maintain your composure at a time like that? The bride does her absolute best to keep things together but it is not long before the tears start to flow. The tears have already begun but the waterworks truly begin once the little boy leans in to tell her that she is beautiful a second time. He wanted to make sure that she heard him.

Photo: TikTok/@alexismarie43

The message was received, loud and clear. “So thankful this was captured on my wedding day,” she writes.

It is a moment that she is going to treasure for the rest of her life. The TikTok has gotten nearly 40 million views since it was posted and we expect it to get many, many more. The comments are extremely touching in their own right.


So thankful this was captured on my wedding day. 🥺 sweet baby. Check out jett & jo film and photo. #weddingday

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“the way he looks at her & doesn’t lose eye contact…I can’t,” said one viewer. “He’s like ‘why you crying?! DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?!'” another added. If you are anything like us, this one will take you back to the days when your kids were little.