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Most people who drink canned soft drinks believe they’re drinking directly out of the aluminum can. However, YouTube science account NurdRage revealed that’s not actually the case.

In a recent video, they did a science experiment and revealed a thin plastic liner inside a Coca-Cola, preventing the drink from touching the metal of the can. In other words, the soda is being held in plastic, not aluminum.

Photo: YouTube/NurdRage

To start the experiment, they sand the label off the Coke can to reveal the shiny metal beneath.

From there, they open the can and soak it in a 5% solution of hydrochloric acid to dissolve the metal entirely.

Photo: YouTube/NurdRage

While most people would expect the drink to leak once the metal can was dissolved, that didn’t happen. Instead, a thin plastic liner held the drink in place.

Many people try to avoid drinking out of plastic, especially thin plastic, and it turns out that aluminum cans are no better!

Photo: YouTube/NurdRage
Photo: YouTube/NurdRage

The purpose of the liners is to prevent the metal can from leaching into the beverage, so the can is really just for marketing and nostalgia.

Watch the plastic liner be revealed in the video below:

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