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Puzzle master Gergely Dudás has made quite a name for himself with all of his spooky puzzles. Now that Halloween has come and gone, it is time for him to focus his attentions elsewhere. The scary puzzles of the Halloween season have now given way to winter wonderland puzzles, and they are a great way to ring in the holidays.

Dudás has so many engaging winter puzzles and brain teasers to choose from! In fact, his collection is large enough to create an entire book.

If you’re stuck indoors this holiday season, due to weather or COVID-19, there’s a brain teaser you can try your hand at that’s perfect for winter. In the puzzle, there’s a bunch of white, tiny, smiling faces and some evergreen trees to look at, but the goal is to find the tiny snowman.

Photo: Gergley Dudas – Dudolf

So, did you find the snowman yet? If you are struggling at the moment, don’t be worried. These brain teasers are designed to be deceptively simple. This one is designed to be a lot easier than some of the other puzzles that the Dudolf has to offer, though.

If you’re struggling to find the snowman, here’s a hint: Take a closer look at the left side of the photo.

That’s the only hint that we are going to give you, so use it wisely!

Click here for the solution.

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