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When you’re a kid snow days are great. They’re an excuse to stay home from school and go outside and play with your friends. Snow days mean building snowmen, making snow angels, and of course, having an epic snowball fight.

Snow days are fun when you’re young, but they can be equally as exhilarating when you’re older too. Who says that building things out of snow isn’t for adults to enjoy as well?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One Minnesota man, Paul Larcom, decided to use a snow day to start a pretty cool project. Larcom likes to create sculptures using snow, and since Minnesota gets pretty cold and snowy in the winter, he’s been using this to his advantage as a basis for his creations.

But this year, he really outdid himself with a gigantic T-Rex. The snowy dinosaur instantly became a hit with his neighborhood, as well as online.

Larcom lives in the city of Becker, where he likes to make detailed snow sculptures. It’s been a hobby of his for years, but this is the first year that he’s made something of this scale.

Since it’s a T-Rex, Larcom decided to go for real and chose to make it roughly 12 feet tall, and 23 feet long. Regardless, this large-scale snow sculpture really captured the likeness of the extinct creature and reminds us all how scary it’d be if the T-Rex was still around.

The reason for this is that Larcom didn’t just make a T-Rex out of snow, he also painstakingly spray-painted the entire thing with precision to make it look like the real thing.

The fearsome-looking snow-rex is in Larcom’s front yard, in clear view of the road so that passing cars and pedestrians can get an up-close view of the creation, along with all its big teeth!

As Larcom explained on Facebook, “I really wanted to try and make something really big this year so I thought I’d make a snow T Rex from jurassic park.”

As one can imagine, the colossal T-Rex snow statue wasn’t an overnight creation. It took him about three weeks to complete.

He worked on it, on and off, until it was finally done. In order to make sure it would stay upright, Larcom needed to make sure that it was stable. In order to do this, he used two large sticks as the frame for the legs, then added another heavy branch for the dinosaur’s body.

He also needed a few smaller pieces of wood to secure the jaw and arms of the animal. Once all the bases were in place, he was able to encase them with layers of snow – shaping and sculpting until a form took shape.

Once he had made the model of the T-Rex, it was time to get painting. Larcom used both brown and yellow paint blended together in order to make the prehistoric animal’s distinct color pattern.

The giant T-Rex is still on display at Larcom’s home on Sherburne Avenue in Becker, Minnesota. But those who are interested in seeing it in person should do so before it melts!

What do you think of this snow-rex? Let us know!