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Creamed Spinach In The Slow Cooker

With the slow cooker, all you have to do is mix your ingredients together and then throw them all in the cooker; the result is cheesy, creamy and thick… just how we like it! Get the classic recipe here.

Rudy’s Creamed Corn Copy Cat Recipe

We’ve got a soft spot for creamed corn ; it’s deliciously sweet and rich, all while maintaining a delicious lightness from the pops of the corn kernels. While we love a variety of versions, it’s Rudy’s creamed corn that gets us every time…so much so, in fact, that we had to try out making it ourselves! Get the copy cat recipe here.

“Baked” Potatoes

You can turn the slow cooker on in the morning and have perfectly cooked potatoes by the time you get home! When it comes to toppings, we love the classic extras: butter, cheese and sour cream. Green onions add a little zest to these bad boys, but feel free to make em up however you like. Get our slow cooker recipe here!

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