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When it comes to homeownership, it is one of the best achievements that a person can enjoy. While many of us dream of taking this big step one day, there is more to it than finding a home that you like and signing on the dotted line.

It is important to have a proper inspection and learn as much as you can about the property before making any major choices of this nature. Being mindful of floods is a key aspect of this process.


In many instances, this is not something that homeowners think of until it is too late. Qualified realtors and home inspectors can be very helpful in this regard. In the meantime, we have decided to provide you with a handy guide that will help you to identify common signs a house has been flooded.

Look For Water Stains

These are one of the most telltale signs of all. The mud and sewage that floodwater brings into the home will leave damages that are caused by the destructive chemicals they contain. Take a closer look at the siding, foundation, walls, ceilings, and hardwood floors. If they have yellow or brownish stains, that is a sign to stay away.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Check For Mold

Mold is always going to flourish in damper locations. It can spread all throughout the house, depending on the extent of the flooding. Moldy areas that appear in darker corners close to the floor are a major red flag. Wallboards and baseboards must be checked for signs of warping and denting, too.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Is There Any Corroded Metal?

Construction metal is rust-resistant but even the strongest metal is going to have issues when it has been submerged in water for an extended period of time. Galvanized metals always give in to humid environments. Siding nails, fasteners, and door hinges must be checked. If metal is corroded, this can signify structural damage.


In addition to these areas, prospective homeowners will also want to check for supple drywall, uneven exterior ground, foundational cracks, and jammed doors/windows. These are all major red flags that cannot be ignored. You will want to make sure to check all of the necessary boxes, so that you are able to avoid all of these problems before they become your personal issue to deal with.

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