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If you are in need of a larger pair of jeans and you are not looking to head to the store anytime soon, this is the perfect hack for you.

TikTok is always here to come to the rescue. Denim too snug? This hack will have them sopping wet but you will definitely have more room to roam. Yes, you are going to have to get in the shower with all of your clothes on, in case you are curious.

Photo: TikTok/@its_abby_abigail

@its_abby_abigail is the TikTok user who is sharing this hack and we are forever grateful to her. The jeans that she was able to transform started off as a size 8 but by the time she was done? They fit like size 12.

The video starts, as you would expect, with her climbing into the shower.

Photo: TikTok/@its_abby_abigail

She uses warm water to douse the denim. A removable showerhead was also utilized, which is a smart idea. The stretches and squats that she did also went a long way toward loosening the pants up. She elaborates on the process in the comment section, saying that she wore them for 10 minutes before giving them a chance to air dry.

The process took two days. Once the jeans dried, she was able to wear them with ease and she even got a bit of extra room to tuck in her sweater. Viewers have tried to follow in her footsteps. According to the comments, they have been successful. Meanwhile, there are others who have decided that they would rather not wear wet jeans.

Photo: TikTok/@its_abby_abigail

We could understand where they are coming from on this one. “This is smart but omg the discomfort. Sensory nightmare,” said one viewer. While some pointed out that it might be easier to simply take the clothes out of the washer and stretch them by hand, Abby did not agree. “I could hardly button these ones. After this I sat in them all day at work,” she said.

She went on to say that the jeans do not mold as perfectly to her body when she tries the washer hack. “I bought 5 pairs of the same jeans that were all too small so I tried this. Best trick ever,” she continued.


NOW THEY’RE SITTING 🪑 JEANS!!!!!! Size 8 = Size 12. 👖 #tiktoktaughtme

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This is an awesome idea and we hope that our readers are able to utilize it in their own homes.