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The mere concept of a she shed is enough to make us swoon. Who wouldn’t love to have a separate area on their property that belongs to them and them alone?

The special comfort that comes with owning such a place is second to none. Wait until you see the she shed that we are about to share with you. It is going to blow your mind.


This creation comes to us courtesy of Facebook, where it was shared by a woman named Jess Lynn. A mother in her area of Arizona shared photos of the shed and Jess took them and shared them on her own timelines as inspiration.

The finished product will put a lot of houses to shame, that is for sure. Once you have had the chance to take a closer look, you are sure to be absolutely amazed.



The attention to detail here is off the charts. They have truly thought of everything and we are loving every minute of it. The sliding barn doors are a fantastic touch. The same can be said of the outdoor bar and the gorgeous light fixtures. This is not merely a she shed, it is a mini palace!

The interior even has an electric fireplace, which also has a peaceful sitting area located close by.




The place is even complete with a wine fridge and a bicycle style bar. The wildest part of all for us was realizing that this place even comes with a second floor.

The spiral staircase is an absolute stunner, too. Every last detail has been covered here, making this a she shed that many of us will want to emulate




Even some of the men who are reading this one might get jealous. They are going to want their own version of these she sheds soon enough. As for us ladies, we are going to bask in the glory of knowing that we will always have a great place to relax and let our hair down.

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