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People know Shaquille O’Neal for a number of different reasons. For some, it is because of his sports ability and what he was able to do for the NBA.

Others, however, recognize that he performs kind acts for strangers and it seems to happen at random. That is what happened recently, and the Internet can’t get enough of it.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It seems as if a Zales store in the Atlanta area was being visited by Shaquille O’Neal. He heard a man discussing an engagement ring that was on layaway, and without saying anything to the man, he gave his credit card to the clerk and paid for the ring.

Photo: YpuTube/NBA on TNT

Although he tried to keep things quiet, a camera was catching the entire act on a now-viral video. It was posted to a Facebook page, but later, an Instagram post showed the two of them shaking hands.

Photo: YpuTube/NBA on TNT

At first, he was being teased by some of his cohosts because he was shopping for himself. As it turns out, he has his own jewelry line at Zales, so it would not be out of the question for him to be there.

The fact is, he really didn’t want people to know what he was doing, he just wanted to do something nice for somebody.

O’Neill talked about the man as being a hard-working individual and a “young kid.” The man even tried to turn it down at first, but then he accepted with a smile and a handshake.