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If you know anything about Seth Rogen, you know that he has a deep and abiding appreciation for all things cannabis. He’s never pulled any punches on this fact and we love to hear all of his hilarious stories involving the plant.

Now, he is taking this appreciation to a whole new level with his latest venture. Just wait until you see what he has to offer!

Photo: YouTube/Architectural Digest

As part of an Architectural Digest series, Rogen took us through the gorgeous 1918 Los Angeles bungalow that serves as the headquarters for his latest venture, which is known as Houseplant.

For those who are not aware, this is the cannabis home goods company he co-owns alongside one of his best friends, screenwriter Evan Goldberg. These two are doing it all and they deserve a great deal of credit for taking the time to get this unique idea off of the ground.

Photo: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The home that is being used for this venture is tastefully appointed, to say the least. If you were expecting some unkempt dwelling that is manned by inattentive smokers, you could not be more mistaken. The level of professionalism that is on display here is top of the line and second to none.

“I’ll be honest, we did not set out to base Houseplant out of a house, which…was something you would assume we would’ve wanted from the get-go. …we needed somewhere to base our operations out of, kind of like a workspace for people to come hang out. We talk about our products a lot, a lot of our products are home goods, so we found to be able to like, see them in a home-type setting was invaluable,” Rogen said in the clip.

Photo: YouTube/Architectural Digest

Would you like to find out more about Rogen’s new venture and how he plans on helping the world with these incredible products?

If so, check out the awesome tour in the video below!

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