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High Brew Coffee is here to change the game with its latest innovation and we are here for it. If you are anything like us, you like to drink your coffee at a specific temperature, but it can be tough to maintain that temperature throughout the day.

Thankfully, High Brew Coffee has put an end to this problem. They’ve released canned coffee that heats itself. It is the perfect choice for anyone who is on the go every day and has gotten tired of drinking lukewarm coffee. We need our java nice and hot, thank you very much.

Photo: Unsplash

The four packs of these awesome cans can be had for $20. Each of these High Brew Coffee cans is filled with their delicious Black & Bold cold brew. It’s far less acidic than regularly brewed coffees that you are accustomed to, trust us on that.

Photo: Instagram / highbrewcoffee

The flavor is tough to put into words but it splits the difference between sweet and flavorful perfectly. In case you are curious, the self-heating mechanism is very easy to use and will not cause any danger.

To activate the heating mechanism, simply twist the bottom cap in a clockwise direction. Once the cap has been turned, the coffee is going to be ready to drink within 2 minutes, tops. This is the sort of long-lasting warmth that you are not going to be able to find with a typical microwave!

Photo: Unsplash

While some may be more into the cold brew as-is, others prefer a hot beverage. What’s great about these is you can have both – in one can!

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