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The good folks at Salt & Straw are introducing a flavor that was handcrafted with dogs in mind.

These “Pup Cups” are a great choice for your dog and they are even made with human-grade ingredients, as the company shared on Instagram. This is the first ice cream for dogs that the brand has come up with.

Before you ask, we highly doubt that this ice cream would be all that tasty to the average human being. It is made of non-dairy coconut ice cream and there are also bits of crisp carrots and apples to be found. In addition to these items, there are also sweet potato ribbons. This amazing doggy treat is a must-have for any loving pet parent.

Salt & Straw has a number of delicious offerings and these Pup Cups simply aim to build on that. Ice creams that are designed for the palette of a canine may be a relatively new concept but we love seeing popular brands take on the task.

Photo: Instagram/@saltandstraw

Now, you can grab yourself some ice cream without feeling guilty when your pup is begging for a taste. They can finally have their own.

If you would like to take home some for your dog, you can find them online in a 12-pack for $65 USD or $3.75 USD for individual cups. You can also make an in-store purchase if you so choose.

This is definitely exciting news for all of the dogs and their owners. We often find ourselves looking for the right treats for our pups. Now that Salt & Straw has come to the rescue, we are hoping that other companies are willing to follow suit. Our dogs deserve lots and lots of choices, dang it.

All jokes aside, this is definitely a story that needs to be shared with a much wider audience. Dog owners everywhere are always looking for ways to enjoy treats with their four-legged friends because it feels terrible to have a snack that you can’t share with your pal. Thanks to the good folks at Salt & Straw, we no longer have to suffer through these types of dilemmas.