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Most of us are probably happy to see the back of 2021. It was a strange year, to say the least, one that held mixed reviews for many people. But from 2021, came some pretty memorable and viral moments across social media, and now, there is a commemoration for the more memorable moments of 2021.

Salt & Straw is creating a limited-edition flavor variety pack that was inspired by the different moments of 2021. It features five limited-edition flavors that feature all different 2021 moments from music to technology.

Photo: Pexels/Krisztina Papp

Remember the big space race starring Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Sir Richard Branson? Well, there is a flavor – the first one in the collection, actually – called “Billionaire Boys Space Club.” It has been called the “galaxy’s easiest meal,” and features a soylent pudding comprised of black charcoal ice cream and white chocolate-covered ice cream chunks. Sounds space-worthy enough!

Then, there is another one called “#FreeBritney,” which is an easy guess as to what 2021 event inspired that flavor. The pink bubble gum ice cream comes decorated with edible glitter as well as Pepsi and champagne gummy bears, and it pays homage to the end of Britney Spears’ conservatorship at the hands of her father.


While it may already be 2022, we haven’t seen the last of Netflix’s mega-hit show, “Squid Game,” which gets its very own flavor. The “Calamari Contest” is an interesting one as it is a teal and pink-colored ice cream flavored with both Dalgona honeycomb and bone marrow fudge.

Up next is the “Non-Fungible-Tropical Tuna Tamales” flavor which took its inspiration from 2021’s NFT craze, and is a roasted pineapple compote, prickly pear clear caramel, and masa ice cream.

Photo: Pixabay/Nick Yandell

Finishing out the ice cream pack is the “Nature’s Cereal” flavor, which comes from TikTok’s viral video of fruit in ice water. It very much mirrors the flavor as it features a coconut water sorbet with pomegranate seeds and mixed berry jam.

If this sounds like the only way you could ever stomach 2021 again, then you’ll be happy to know that the Salt & Straw’s limited-edition 2021 Gone Viral pack is now available on their website. It is priced at $98 USD.

What were 2021’s most memorable hashtags for you? Will you be buying any of these Salt & Straw flavors? Let us know!

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