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If you are anything like us, the prospect of solving a Rubik’s Cube is already terrifying enough. These puzzles can be very frustrating and we usually try to avoid them at all costs.

That’s what makes videos like this one so fun to watch. It is awesome to see someone who is able to solve one of these bad boys with skill and precision.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Italian World Memory champion Andrea Muzii is here to change any perceptions that you might have about these puzzles and how easy they are to solve.

In fact, he is making us feel downright lazy. He was able to solve a Rubik’s Cube and he did not even have to give it his full attention. That is the part that amazes us the most, if we are being honest.

Photo: Instagram/andreamuzii.wmc

We would need much longer than he did, especially when you stop to consider the degree of difficulty that he has added to the equation. It was already hard enough! Muzii showed off his intelligence and athletic acumen by successfully solving the puzzle while doing a one-handed handstand. We would struggle to handle either activity, let alone both.

It’s the type of clip that you will want to watch more than once. We are spellbound. This clip is a multitasking type’s dream.

Photo: Instagram/andreamuzii.wmc

“I know you were missing multitasking,” he says in the caption and he is absolutely right about that.

Check out the impressive feat below:

This is not the only time that he has been able to solve one of these puzzles while handling another task, either.

He handled a Rubik’s Cube while doing push-ups, which might be even more amazing. We would struggle just to do the push-ups!

All jokes aside, we are also baffled by the one where he solves the Cube while wearing a blindfold and riding a bicycle. How did he manage to do this without losing control of the bike or managing to drop the Rubik’s Cube?

We would love to get a behind-the-scenes look at how he was able to pull these clips off because it is beyond our current level of comprehension. Kudos to Andrea for showcasing his awesome skills and allowing us to have a good laugh or two in the meantime.

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