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It is not every day that you hear of a 9 year old being given the chance to have a party that is this extravagant. The little boy in question is named Hunter Curtis and he had a party for the ages.

His parents shelled out so that he could rent a 122 foot super yacht for the big occasion. In case you are curious, it costs $2,800 per hour to do so.

Photo: Instagram/@roxyjacenko

Hunter and a group of over 20 friends were ushered around Australia’s Sydney Harbor. This type of spending is not out of the ordinary for this family, either. They love to spend big on their little ones.

For example, when it was time for Hunter’s sister to have her 11th birthday party? Her mother Roxy had no problem splashing out another $40,000, according to the New York Post.

Photo: Instagram/@roxyjacenko

This is what her disco themed party ended up costing the family but there are no worries here. Diane Khoury is the luxury event planner who helped out but Hunter’s birthday party idea came from the child’s own mouth.

“Hunter was looking through old photos from when he was little and came across some images of a trip we went on to Hawaii — it was then he decided he wanted a Hawaiian-themed ninth birthday as he has missed out on celebrating with his friends due to Covid for the past three birthdays,” Roxy Janecko said, according to Yahoo!. The PR maven loves to do it big for her kids’ birthdays, as you can tell.

Photo: Instagram/@roxyjacenko

Roxy share a video of the party on Instagram, where the guests were transported to a Hawaiian getaway, thanks to the vision that Hunter was able to carry out.

Check out the vide below:

While we are not going to be able to spend $50,000 like this family did, we are definitely going to be getting lots of inspiration from the pictures that she shared.