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The state of New York has a lot of picturesque places, with Rochester, New York being one of them. Among the wooded areas on the edge of the city, there is a particularly magical home in the form of a giant mushroom.

The house, which has now become somewhat of an attraction, is located in the town of Perinton. It was built back in the 1970s by architect James H. Johnson for his clients, Robert and Marguerite Antell.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Johnson had originally come up with the idea based on a particular flower called Queen Anne’s Lace. However, rather than coming out looking like a flower, it turned out looking more like a series of giant mushrooms.


The home is made of several concrete and polyurethane pods which are attached to 20-foot “stems” made of steel-reinforced concrete. The entire building was covered in over 9,000 ceramic tiles that were all designed and handmade by one of the home’s owners, Marguerite Antell. Antell is a professional artist, and she also had a pretty significant clout over the house’s design.

Photo: YouTube/RichTestaRealEstate

Since its construction, the property has seen several renovations. It has had an addition of an underground “Time Tunnel” put in. This was created using glass tiles and fire optics. The tunnel itself leads to a den, which sounds quite fun as there is a place to play pool and a mosaic fireplace.

Photo: YouTube/RichTestaRealEstate

The Mushroom House is available for long-term leasing, but living out in the woods isn’t cheap. The rent for the Mushroom House is $5,000 a month.

Check out the virtual tour of the home below:

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