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The internet is full of different social media debates. One of the latest items up for debate has been the proper way to load a dishwasher, and we can understand why.

It’s one of those tasks that everyone does but more than likely we all have our own version of what is “right.” Naturally, that has led to some fierce debates on Twitter.

Photo: Unsplash/Mohammad Esmaili

The great debate first began when Lee Beattie, a Twitter user, showed off a picture of her partner’s endeavor to load up the dishwater.

The picture quickly went viral, and it is easy to see why. Check it out below:

The picture left a lot of people shocked. The dishwasher was stacked to the brim with pots, plates, and pans all precariously stacked on top of one another like Jenga blocks. Alongside Lee’s tweet, was the caption, “I married her before I ever saw her stack a dishwasher. I can’t take this anymore.”

Immediately, other Twitter users jumped on the tweet, many of them relating and responding to the joke with their own dishwasher mishaps. One woman wrote that she was mad at her partner for doing the same thing, but then added that Lee’s case looks far worse.

Photo: flickr/Joanna Bourne

Someone else wrote, “My husband does this. I used to think he was smart but … not so much now.”

While a third woman added, “Dishwasher loading – in every marriage there’s one person who can, and one person who can’t, and if you’re not sure which you are, then you can’t.”

Of course, as much as some people joked about the state of the photo, there were many others that ended up taking up this as an opportunity to voice their varying opinions on the subject of dishwashers.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Some criticized the photo because there were pots and pans being placed in the dishwasher. Others entirely thought that the dishwasher appliance is no substitute for doing it by hand.

Where do you fall on this argument? How do you load your dishwasher? Let us know!

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