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Have you ever dropped a glass of wine or soda on a carpet with lighter coloring? If so, you can relate to the fear that we have all felt during these tense moments. Or maybe you have found that your jeans are filled with oil stains. Perhaps your shirts have all kinds of armpit stains, too. Did you know that these stains are avoidable? As long as you know how to tackle them, the rest takes care of itself.

Whether you are looking to clean up ink, lipstick, or some other unsightly stain, the following stain removal guide will provide a solution.

We recommend hanging the guide up in the laundry room at your home for the best results, so you have it on hand when needed.

One of the best parts about this little guide? Virtually all of the needed supplies are readily available in most kitchens! Those who do not have little ones at home may want to grab some baby wipes, though.

To start, grass stains are easily removed with a little vinegar.

The only chart for stains you'll ever need:

Posted by As/Is on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meanwhile, those sweat stains that make your shirts look awful? They can be removed with some lemon juice.

You’ll definitely want to share this chart with any mother, friend, or person who does laundry in your life. So, pretty much everyone.

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