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James of the Action Lab is always coming up with all sorts of amazing demonstrations, and his latest clip just might be the best one that we have seen on there yet.

All of the chocoholics out there are sure to appreciate this one. Did you wonder about how the process works when someone decides to imprint holographic rainbows onto tempered chocolate? If you are anything like us, this is something that you never even thought was possible, but James is here to help us rethink all of that and we are beyond grateful.

Photo: YouTube/Action Lab Shorts

The best part is you don’t even need to be a chocolate lover to get into this one. What’s also neat is that James takes the time to discuss how quantum physics factors into the equation. Excuse us while we break out our lab coats.

Photo: YouTube/Action Lab Shorts

“I talk about diffraction gratings and how they work. I show you how you can use them to make diffraction patterns on chocolate or other shiny materials,” he explained. James also knows that viewers are going to want to know how to replicate this recipe on their own time and he’s taken the time to share a post from Instructables.

Photo: YouTube/The Action Lab

“To make the surface colourful with holographic rainbow shine, we are creating a microscopic structure in the surface of the chocolate itself, and it is this structure that makes light diffract into colourful rainbows, just like the rainbows you see on CDs or DVDs,” he shared.

Check out the videos below:

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