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While we do not mind doing chores, they can be a bit tedious at times. Things that are repetitive are especially cumbersome, like cleaning the floors, kitchen sink, and shower.

Thanks to social media, cleaning hacks are more prevalent than ever before. One TikTok user shared a hack for keeping a shower water mark-free and it’s truly a game-changer.

Photo: CANVA

As it turns out, there are more usages for Rain-X than we ever could have possibly realized.

This item can be used once you are ready to clean your shower, and it works especially well on glass shower doors. This treatment is commonly associated with dirty windshield wipers but little did you know that it can work wonders in your bathroom.

Photo: CANVA

@vaneamaro91 is the user who is passing this one along, so be sure to give her all of the thanks. We are just the messengers here but it is an honor and a privilege.

Photo: TikTok/vaneamaro91

The shower cleaning that was once so cumbersome is not a problem any longer. “This is definitely a housekeeper secret,” Amaro says during her little tutorial. “And I just thought I’d share it with you guys because it’s life-changing.”

Photo: TikTok/vaneamaro91

We definitely concur on this one and we are beyond glad that she shared. Now, we can finally stop putting off this cleaning task because it is too annoying to deal with.

Watch the video below:


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