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Air-frying boiled eggs is brilliant and easy, primarily because you don’t actually need to boil anything.

There’s no water, no pot watching, and less cleaning up. You can cook up to a half dozen eggs at a time (or more if you are a risk taker) to get a range of different yolk consistencies.

As a person who has traditionally struggled to cook eggs effectively, this is one of the easiest methods to cook anything in the kitchen.

I’ll briefly run through the process of air frying eggs, with some handy pictures for reference, to help you find the perfect ‘boiled’ egg for your tastes.


5 eggs in air fryer
Image: Jono Elderton, 12 Tomatoes

1. Place up to six eggs directly into the air fryer, at reasonable distances apart.

2. Set the desired temperature. I like 300° as it’s right in the middle heat range, and won’t be too quick, or take too long, to get everything cooked simply and smoothly.

3. Set your desired length of cooking time.

Personally, I like to dip my eggs in a nice gooey yolk, so cooking in the range of 8-10 minutes is perfect for me. My children prefer harder eggs, it’s simple to tack a couple of minutes on at the end to get them to the right firmness.

I found the following times work best in achieving a range of yolk consistencies:

  • Soft yolk and whites – 6 minutes, 300°
  • Soft Yolk and firm whites – 8 minutes, 300°
  • Mid yolk and firm whites – 10 minutes, 300°
  • Hard, dry yolk and whites – 15 minutes, 300°

The pictures below help for visual reference, while the last picture compares all the different eggs.

Six Minutes @ 300°

Air fried 6 mins
Image: Jono Elderton, 12 Tomatoes

Eight Minutes @ 300°

Air fried 8 mins
Image: Jono Elderton, 12 Tomatoes

10 Minutes @ 300°

Air fried 10 mins
Image: Jono Elderton, 12 Tomatoes

15 Minutes @ 300°

Egg 15 Mins
Image: Jono Elderton, 12 Tomatoes

Air Fried Eggs Comparison

Air fried eggs

Hints and Tips for Air Frying Eggs

Image: Jono Elderton, 12 Tomatoes

1. Make sure that you cook only eggs in the fryer during this process, and no more than 6 at a time. Having the eggs too close together is not recommended.

2. Use a serving spoon to fish the eggs out of the fryer, as they come out nice and hot (yes, I may have learned that lesson the hard way).

3. Remember, no two air fryers are the same, so err on the side of caution and go under the time frame.

4. If you’re going to fully peel the eggs before eating, stick the eggs in cold water straight after cooking so that shells are easier to remove.

5. The advice in this article is based on the use of large-sized chicken eggs. If you prefer jumbo, small, or medium-sized eggs, be prepared to adjust your times accordingly.


How easy is air frying eggs!?!

I love cooking eggs this way, it keeps the kids happy and me sane!