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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt to a whole new world. Many of us are now adding “mask” to the mental checklist that we run through before leaving our house. While we’ve all had to make adjustments, it’s still a work in progress getting used to this new way of life. There have been many businesses and venues that have had to shut down as a result of the pandemic, including movie theaters.

But the human spirit is capable of adapting to different situations and overcoming certain challenges. This is why there is no surprise that drive-in movie theaters have surged in popularity ever since the traditional movie-going experiences have been shut down.

And now there is a reason for people living in Norfolk, England, to get excited because the Queen is turning her country estate, the Sandringham House, into a drive-in movie theater for the month of September!

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Queen Elizabeth II’s historic family home has been a private residence for the British royal family since 1862. The Sandringham House is a quaint 60-acre property that has formal gardens surrounded by beautiful countryside. The estate is the perfect space to host an outdoor film screening, and that is why it’ll be a drive-in theater throughout September.

The whole experience will be from the 25th through the 27th of September, where a number of different movies will be shown – so there will definitely be something for everyone’s taste. The cost of tickets will be about $38 per car. Those who attend will also get an option to buy an upgrade that includes a deck chair, table, popcorn, and a separate seating area beside your car. There will also be food vendors at all the screening events so you can get your snack on while enjoying an outdoor movie!

The full movie schedule is as follows below:

September 25

5 p.m.: 1917

9 p.m: Rocketman

September 26

1 p.m.: Toy Story

5 p.m.: The Greatest Showman

9 p.m: Bohemian Rhapsody

September 27

1 p.m.: Moana

5 p.m.: Grease

9 p.m.: A Star is Born

If you are interested in buying tickets for Sandringham House’s drive-in, you can click the link here. What do you think of the drive-in movie theater at the Queen’s residence? Would that be something you’d attend? Let us know!