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There are certain items that defy all logic and this is definitely one of them. If you have never heard of purple honey, this is your chance to find out everything that you need to know.

For us, there are a few different questions that are going to come to mind. First of all, why is the honey purple, and secondly, what does it actually taste like?

Photo: Pexels/FRANK MERIÑO

The story about purple honey begins with a beekeeper named Michael Morrissey of Flying Pig Apiary in Durham, North Carolina.

According to the Honey Bee Suite, the honey in question was extracted from a honeycomb that is located in a Mebane, North Carolina honey house. The final results are an absolute must-see.

Photo: YouTube/Cole’s Farm NC Beekeeping

The source has remained under lock and key for some time now. Since a few different people have gotten the chance to see the purple honey, there are more than a few opinions on the matter.

Even someone like Morrissey is just as curious as everyone else is on the matter. “We extracted about 2 liters of deep purple honey from one hive last week, here in a rural part of Durham, NC. It has the color of blackberry syrup (not blue Kool-Aid) and has a nice, slightly sour, berry flavor to it,” he said, according to the Honey Bee Suite.

Photo: YouTube/Cole’s Farm NC Beekeeping

The taste and coloration of the honey will vary greatly depending on the nectar that is mixed with it, which is important to note. The climate and soil of the region in question also have to be taken into account. The writer described the honey as “tasting purple, in a grape sort of way.” That’s enough to make us even more intrigued!

The fascinating and mysterious rarity is only going to continue to catch people’s eyes and we hope that we see more about this item in the future.