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When it comes to driving, we all have our own style, although it’s always a good idea to be as safe as possible. That style may even carry over to some of the common things we do between the times we are driving, including fueling up at the pump.

Some people follow all the rules, making sure that the vehicle is in park and turned off before pumping gas. Others, however, think that it is a waste of time or perhaps makes them look a little less cool if they shut off their motor. They may want to rethink their decision, however, because they are putting themselves and others in danger.

Photo: Pixabay

Due to the flammability and volatility of gasoline, there are rules that surround filling your car up at the pump. This includes avoiding using your cell phone, which could lead to static electricity, and not smoking. In some cases, when your vehicle is running, it may produce enough electricity and heat that the liquid gas or gas vapors could ignite. It doesn’t happen often, but the Petroleum Equipment Institute talks about how it has happened in the past.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This is especially difficult for individuals who live in colder climates because they don’t want the car to get cold while they are filling up the tank. They may even sit inside of the car to stay warm. This puts you in even more danger because you aren’t actively watching the pump to make sure the gas doesn’t spill out.

Photo: Pixabay

Getting in and out of the vehicle creates static electricity, and in some cases, especially when the air is dry during the winter, you could create even more static electricity. Unfortunately, this can lead to some serious problems, as static electricity and gas vapors do not mix well. As a way to keep yourself safe, ground your body by touching the metal side of your car door before you start pumping gas.

It may seem like something small, but it can make a difference in a big way.

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