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There are a lot of cooking videos out there. With the rise of YouTube and other social media platforms, it’s easy for those with cooking chops to be able to share their recipes, tips, and hacks. While most of the cooking videos are your standard cooking videos, there are some that specialize in different types of dishes.

And there is one video that is showcasing quite the interesting recipe: Prison Pizza.

It’s quite easy and is made from a lot of pantry items that are in your cupboard, which are also found in prison. The former felon sharing the recipe is Josh of the YouTube channel, Lockdown 23and1. In the video, he shared how he used to create a pizza using all the ingredients that were available to him while he was in prison.

Photo: YouTube / Lockdown 23and1

In the video, Josh shows how he made the crust out of both crushed saltine and Ritz crackers, which he then mixed with ramen noodle soup. As for how he rolled it out, the “dough” was mixed inside a chip bag before getting rolled out using a board game. The dough went through the first round of cooking in the microwave. Then, after cooking the dough, Josh topped the base with tomato sauce along with cheese, Slim Jims, pickles, and pepperoni.

Throughout the video, Josh was joined by two cooking guests, his daughter Miley as well as his dog, Lucy. They helped him create his prison pizza. And in the video, Josh stressed the importance of authenticity, saying that he’s seen other people try to cook it with dough, however, he referred to that as “just ridiculous man.”

Check out the video below of his authentic penitentiary pizza: