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Halloween is right around the corner. We’ve got like a month to go.

Naturally, if you’re a parent you’re probably thinking about what to kind of costume to make your child. We want our kids to look cute, but we also want them to have something unique as a costume.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

But there is one dad who has definitely outdone himself in terms of creative costumes.

The dad became an internet sensation after creating an LED stick figure costume. It shows absolute creativity and execution in the way he made a stick figure come to life in the form of a costume.

Check it out:

It is no wonder that he got so much attention from this creation. But he didn’t let the internet down with his second creation of a “Princess Cumulus” costume.

His daughter, who has come to be known as “Glowy Zoey,” proudly shows off her costume in a video, and it is nothing short of impressive.

Photo: YouTube/Visual Burrito
Photo: YouTube/Visual Burrito

Not only is it cute, but it shows off all the time and energy that her dad has put into creating something special for his daughter to wear. It’s basically a combination of a blow-up suit, LED lights, and programmed arduino software. Pretty clever, right?

As the dad explained on YoTube, “I like to go a little crazy with costumes for my daughter every year. We have fun making them together.”

Photo: YouTube/
Visual Burrito

Even though the costume is elaborate and well-thought-out, it can be a little difficult to move around in. That is why Zoey might not wear it out trick or treating. But at least she’s got something wonderful for pictures.

No doubt her father will have to outdo himself again next year!

Watch the video below:

What do you think of these super cool Halloween costumes? Have you made anything similar for your child? Let us know!

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