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The little boys and girls who attend Stars Early Learning Academy in Fairhope, Alabama decided to provide their neighbors with a special treat recently. The children put on a Mardi Gras parade for the nursing home next door, with the proper social distancing, of course.

A trumpeter led the way as the children made their way around the Country Place Senior Living Community. The tiny merrymakers were clearly having the time of their lives, too. They were not able to use floats, but they were able to improvise. Plastic shopping carts, Cozy Coupes, and strollers were pushed, making for an adorable (and hilarious) scene.

Photo: Facebook /Country Place Senior Living of Fairhope, Alabama

The residents watched the parade through their open windows. The children waved and danced as they made their way around their community. The senior living facility was sure to post an appreciative message to the children on their Facebook page. They said:

“Another big thank you to our neighbors, Stars Daycare for helping put together our social distanced Mardi Gras parade! Between the festive live music and kids that are cuter than crawdads, our residents are truly in the Mardi Gras spirit! Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

Photo: Facebook /Country Place Senior Living of Fairhope, Alabama

The little ones definitely have the Mardi Gras spirit, there is no denying that. Believe it or not, this was not the first parade that they have thrown. Their little parade was enough to brighten the days of many of these residents, that is for sure. What an amazing idea!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This has become a regular tradition over the course of the past year. The kids parade for the residents as often as they can and we cannot imagine how grateful the residents must be for the entertainment. They are forced to remain cautious more than ever right now, which keeps many of them from being able to enjoy the same activities that they once did.

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