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We use social media for so many different reasons. Perhaps we enjoy watching music videos or maybe we just want to be entertained with some amusing animal clips.

There are those of us, however, who rely on social media to teach us how to navigate our electronics and that is where this TikTok hack comes in.

Photo: Pixabay

It is not unusual to find iPhone tips and tricks on TikTok. In fact, the social media platform is well known for it. A user by the name of Frank McShan shared a hack recently that showed how you can automate text messages to schedule them for when they should go out.

Many users referred to the tip as being “perfect” so that you could remember special days in a person’s life without actually having to remember them when the day arrives.

Photo: flickr/Wonderlane

McShan shows how easy it is to schedule your messages. You open the shortcut tab, select “create personal automation” and then select the time that you want to schedule your automated function.

After you set it, then click in the upper right corner and search for messages. Add it to your automated shortcut and then add the message and contact information if prompted.

Photo: TikTok/frankmcshan

Finally, McShan says that you should turn off the setting for “ask before running.” It will keep you from being prompted before the scheduled text message sends.


Did you know you could do this? 🤯

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