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If you’ve ever wanted to have your cake and eat it, too, then perhaps the cake shake is for you. This rich and thick treat is served up in one Chicago’s most famous local fast food joints and it’s redefining what the ultimate shake is. The intensely chocolate shake starts with cakes made in-house from a family recipe at Portillo’s Hot Dogs, a small chain known for their incredibly tasty Chicago style hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and Italian beef sandwiches.

Portillo's chocolate cake being cut
Via/ YouTube

The restaurant chain also became known for their luscious chocolate cakes. But, even though the cake was a customer favorite, they couldn’t really sell the cakes more than a day after they were made since they weren’t fresh anymore. A savvy manager had the idea to use the old cakes to make milkshakes with and a new treat was made. Today the shake is one of the most-loved items on the menu. It’s honestly kind of surprising that putting a huge slice of thickly-frosted cake into a milkshake isn’t more common.

See exactly how they make this indulgent treat in the video below.

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