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This Map Shows The Most Popular Easter Candy By State

They used Google Trends data to create a map of the favorite Easter treats by state.

Thanks to Zippia, we now know what the most popular Easter candy is, by state.

They used Google Trends data to create a map of the favorite treats and it’s got a lot of surprising

Photo: Unsplash

For starters, the most popular Easter treat in the United States is not something that you would typically find in a candy aisle. New Jersey, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Oregon are among the 14 states that favor boiled eggs over everything else. This is definitely not something that we saw coming when we first glanced at the map!


So what’s the #1 candy once you get all of the boiled eggs out of the way? The answer is probably not going to be shocking to too many of our readers: the answer is Peeps! This candy stands at the top of the search engine rankings for eight different states.

Photo: Pixabay

Of course, white chocolate eggs, caramel eggs, and Cadbury Creme Eggs are included among the winners, as expected. Cadbury won the day in a number of states, with Montana, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Dakota leading the way.

Is your favorite Easter candy on the list? Does it match with your state’s favorite? Let us know!