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Before the pandemic stripped us of our ability to head outside, we were going to Popeye’s for their delicious chicken sandwiches on a regular basis. When these sandwiches first hit the marketplace, our lives were changed forever. The lines were so insane to get one, we were planning our day around them.

The Twitter madness was also noteworthy. We could barely scroll our timeline without hearing about the sandwiches and it felt like everyone had to weigh in on how delicious they are. The dust has finally had a chance to settle, but they are still as popular as ever. One Instagram and TikTok user, @theratchetrecipes, has decided to make our lives easier, providing us with a helpful way to replicate this recipe at home.

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We can already taste the Popeye’s chicken and we are sure that you can, too.

All you need are simple ingredients that can be found in most homes. To find out more about the steps that you’ll need and the items that cannot be substituted, be sure to check out Rachet Recipes. Ratchet Recipes also provides hacks and recipe copycats for Chick-Fil-A lovers and Red Lobster fans alike.

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So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to create your favorite meals at home. There’s no need to head outside at the moment. We love that chicken from Popeye’s….don’t you? Take a moment to check out the video and learn more about the directions.

Serve one to an unsuspecting guest and we are willing to bet that they won’t be able to tell the difference. We must warn you, though – You’d better keep the windows closed while you are cooking or you are going to have a legion of hungry neighbors on your hands before too long.