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You may have heard about the popcorn “salad” that’s been recently making the rounds on social media and if you haven’t yet, well fasten your seatbelts. TV chef, Molly Yeh, brought this recipe back into mainstream attention after claiming that it was a Midwestern classic. I can assure you that most Midwesterners have never even heard of this dish (which Yeh calls “Crunchy Snap Pea Popcorn Salad”), let alone eaten it. It’s been gaining a lot of criticism since most people who have read the recipe or watch the salad being prepared are absolutely disgusted by the combination of ingredients.

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As it turns out this vintage recipe has been around a long time, featuring heavily in church fundraiser cookbooks from the old days. Back in 2019 the folks from the YouTube channel, Recipe Archaeology, made a recipe very simliar and then tried the results on camera.

ingredients for popcorn salad with bacon
Via: Recipe Archaeology/ YouTube

This particular recipe includes Cheddar cheese, green olives, celery, sliced radish, crumbled bacon, green onions, water chestnuts, and is tossed at the last minute with popcorn and mayonnaise. This one differs slightly from Yeh’s as it includes bacon, but leaves out the snap peas and watercress.

So the real question is: would you eat a popcorn, veggie, and mayo salad? What if it included bacon? The ladies of Recipe Archeology used phrases like “not that offensive” when trying it, but also said that it was “a whole lotta mayo.”

2 women tasting popcorn salad with bacon
Via: Recipe Archaeology/ YouTube

See how they make this interesting recipe and what they think of the flavor in the video below.

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