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Those cozy weekend nights where you cuddle up with popcorn and a movie are the best, aren’t they? Once that bag of microwave popcorn has been prepared, there is just one thing that seems to come up that really chaps our hide.

There always seems to be a surplus of un-popped kernels staring us in the face. This is an issue that has certainly plagued many of us.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We can only speak for ourselves here but a bowl that has non popped kernels in it is a real vibe crusher. So, how can we preserve the popcorn (and the vibes)? This man is here to help us through it. No one wants to be left with hard, crunchy bits when they should be enjoying popcorn instead. This TikTok user is here to change the game.

@sidneyraz is already a well-known figure on TikTok, as he provides us with all sorts of tips and pointers that we never knew about.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

His popcorn-making video went viral and we can see why. The tiny opening at the bottom of the bag? That is where the kernels are supposed to be released from. We had no clue this whole time.

Judging from the responses to the video, we are not alone in this. “Here’s something I wish I knew before I was in my 30s,” Sidney says in the clip. “You’re supposed to shake out the popcorn kernels that haven’t popped.” This is the most incredible thing because we have been making microwave popcorn since we were little and never caught onto this pointer.

Photo: TikTok/sidneyraz

Shout out to the person in the comments that said they were taught by their father. We are definitely going to point the finger at our old man for not telling us all about this one when we were younger. All jokes aside, Sidney’s page is a great way to learn more about all of the tips and hacks that have been eluding you for most of your life.

Meanwhile, there are those who would rather eat the unpopped kernels and while we cannot identify with such behavior, we understand it. Everyone likes to enjoy their popcorn in the desired manner, regardless of what Sidney has to say on the matter.

If you would like to find out exactly how this is done, the video will show you how. Check it out below:


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