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The Starbucks menu is chock full of classic beverages. There are so many awesome ones, we wouldn’t even have time to list them all. It can be easy to forget about all of the great ones that we have had in the past. Have you ever pulled up to the drive-thru window with a particular drink in mind, only to have your mind changed when you glance at the menu?

Don’t worry. It happens to us all of the time. That’s why it always helps to have a talented barista in your corner when you’re trying to make sense of it all. Their “secret menu” has been a huge blessing to us over the years, and thanks to the Internet’s ingenuity and the help that their baristas have to offer, the customization options are endless.

@samthebarista has one of the best TikTok accounts, for that very reason. The tips and pointers that he has to offer make his videos well worth your time. His account is filled with the secret menu drinks that are going to change your life going forward. Since we found his account, we cannot remember the last time we ordered off the traditional menu.

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We’re still trying to work our way through all of the customizations that he has offered up. He’s a true pioneer, the type of guy who really knows how to think outside of the box. The Pokémon Go Frappuccino is easily the best of the bunch. For our money, it just might be the best drink on the entire Starbucks menu, secret or otherwise.

Yes, the Pokémon Go Frappuccino was already offered by the chain four years ago but this recreation is still well worth your while. We are willing to level with you: this is really just a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with some dried berries and raspberry syrup. Thanks to Sam, our Starbucks orders just got even more simple.

Sam also suggests adding some heavy cream to the beverage, if you’re the type of person who would like the drink to have more of a milkshake texture. “I remember when I asked for one and she was like ‘we don’t sell those anymore’ it was kind embarrassing,” said one of the commentators. Our thoughts exactly! Those who are looking for satisfying new beverages to order should definitely acquaint themselves with Sam’s page as soon as possible.