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There are some toys that we remember playing with, even though we may not have played with them for many years. I think that Play-Doh falls into that category, and most of us can still remember sitting for hours and playing with that rubbery substance.

One of the things that we likely remember about playing with Play-Doh is the scent, which was trademarked in 2018 by Hasbro. It is described as “the combination of a sweet, slightly musky, vanilla-like fragrance, with slight overtones of cherry, and the natural smell of a salted, wheat-based dough.”

Although the original scent of Play-Doh is one that most of us remember, Hasbro has decided to take things to a new level. It isn’t the first time as they have tried various scents in the past, including raspberry, peach, and apple.

Photo: Amazon

In order to make Play-Doh more interesting and perhaps a bit more nostalgic, the toymaker is now creating a line of “Play-Doh for Grown-Ups.” Six cans are included in the set, which includes such pleasing scents as: “Overpriced Latte,” “Mom Jeans,” “Dad Sneakers,” “Spa Day,” “Lord of the Lawn,” and “Grill King.”

If these scents seem rather stereotypical, it is by design. They want us to enjoy the fun of our childhood while also enjoying what we like the most out of being an adult. It’s a unique effort, but one that we are certain to appreciate as we enjoy the smell of the fresh cup of coffee or a burning grill while we are creating.

The 4-ounce cans come in a six-pack and are available on Amazon and Entertainment Earth. They are expected to be available and shipping in December.