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This airline employee is here to share footage of the dark spaces within the plane that they do not show to the rest of us.

This is a chance to learn more about the lives of the cabin crew and we were not about to miss out. We had no idea that there was an area where the cabin crew could go to relax and catch some shut-eye during the longer flights.

Photo: TikTok/@quintenmoshy

Of course, these spaces are definitely off limits to the passenger. There is a reason why most of us remain unaware of their existence. This staffer is here to reveal it all!

“No windows to be seen up here,” the man said, as he showed the audience footage of what appears to be a very small and confined space. “Just the flight attendants and their dark little pods,” he continued.

Photo: TikTok/@quintenmoshy

According to one staffer who commented, climbing into one of the pods is one of his favorite parts of longer flights. He loves having the chance to catch a nap and lives for “getting to crawl in my bunk and knock out for two-plus hours. It’s surprisingly cozy up there,” he continued.

The man did not reveal which airline he works for but it is believed that this video was shot on a Boeing 777 or 787 plane. These planes are known for having a secret stairway that leads to the sleeping quarters for the cabin crew. Even if a passenger wanted to access one of these areas, they would not be able to because they are extremely well hidden from view.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Newer aircraft place them above the main cabin, in the upper fuselage. Older aircraft keep them in the main cabin or within the cargo hold. “On long flights, there’s most likely flight attendants who are sleeping below you or above you,” flight attendant Kat Kamalani tells The New York Post. For longer hauls, the crews are split in half.

This gives everyone the chance to get enough rest. According to The New York Post, Kat says that many of these employees know how to sleep anytime they get the chance but there are others who do not. Instead, they “don’t even sleep, they just sit on social media and hang out on their phone.”


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We were today years old when we learned about these secret areas and we cannot wait to pass this one along.