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If there was one thing we always looked forward to as kids it was pizza night. Even as adults there’s nothing as good as a hot pizza delivered to your door. But, the price can be a real downer, especially when there are a lot of people to feed. Many pizza delivery joints advertise great deals, but if you don’t take the time to compute the real value of the pizzas then you might just end up having to try each place to discover the best price. Or, you can use an online pizza calculator to figure what the best value for your money is.

calculator on grey background
Via: Charles Deluvio/Unsplash

The pizza calculator tool is made available from the investing website, Don’t Quit Your Day Job, and has input areas for things like pizza size and price. This calculator helps you to figure out the price per square foot of your pizzas- something we didn’t know we needed until now.

If you thought tile was expensive just wait until you see the breakdown on pizza costs! A pizza with 3 toppings that comes in at 14″ and $18.88 in cost has a square-foot price of $17.66.

pizza sign on wall
Via: With Associates/Flickr

You can also enter two different pizzas at the same time for a side-by-side comparison of cost. The calculator also will recommend the best deal to you.

In the “advanced option” areas you can enter in coupon codes or discounts and factor that into the equation as well. There’s also a place to enter in crust size. If you think you might be getting ripped off with those giant crusts you can figure out how much precious ‘za real estate is being wasted on crust.

pizza in delivery box with tub of garlic butter
Via: Dough4872/Wiki Commons

Crust enthusiasts might not worry about this as much, but let’s be honest: most of us are mainly in it for the toppings and the crust is simply a tool to obtain that yummy garlic butter.

This calculator is probably best for a delivery scenario. It seems particularly useful good for when there are a lot of people to feed and a good deal will save quite a lot of money. But, if you’re a frozen pizza lover then this tool can work for comparing grocery store pizzas as well.

pepperoni pizza in delivery box
Via: Alan Hardman/Unsplash

This is the kind of tool we wish we had been using long before now. But, it’s never too late to start saving money- especially on pizza.

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